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Regular Visitors: Go to Ounce’s Adventures to see what the newest member of the Dentbros Dogs household is up to!

Ounce’s Adventures

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Rainbow Litter Pupdates

About Us

I have given each of the girls their own page so you can find out more about them, their health tests and pedigrees, their temperaments and achievements:




The Litters link takes you to a blog – one for each litter.  Once the litter has arrived I post weekly Pupdates for people to follow – these are very popular!



I have created a page of testimonials to show how the pups are getting on – it’s lovely to watch their progress and we often meet up at agility shows.


Finally, if you want to know a bit more about me, go to The Breeder

Training Pupdates

This is the section where I blog about training up the dogs.  From August 2017 this will be about Ounce’s Adventures.

Information & Guidance

This section aims to provide additional information, including about Border Collies and why they are so special.  I have written some thoughts on dogs and children as this is something I care about particularly.  I have put information about being an Assured Breeder and what that means for me.  Finally, I have included the reason I chose Dentbros as my breeder affix.

Applying for a puppy

If you would like to be considered for a puppy, have a look at the FAQs.  Please CONTACT ME if you would like to know more about my dogs or my puppies.  They are already highly regarded and much sought after!

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