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STOP PRESS: Border Collie puppies – Busy’s puppies have arrived!

Delighted to announce the safe arrival of the Rainbow litter, on Thursday 8th June. Details and pictures can be found on their litter page.

NB: I already have homes for most, if not all of these, so applications are currently closed.

I look forward to receiving many, many visitors over the next 8 weeks, so please get in touch to book a visit?  Children welcome from 1st July onwards.  They are only here until 5th August.

PennyWelcome to Dentbros Dogs.  My name is Penny Dent and I became a Border Collie breeder in January 2010, with a litter from my beautiful Westirene Sunshine (Sunny), out of the fabulous Sh Ch Goytre Prince of Dreams JW ShCM (Wizard).

I have owned Border Collies for many years, taking on one bred by my mum and then having a puppy bred by her.  I always wanted to have a go at doing it myself and as hard as it is, I absolutely love it!  I am a family breeder, doing it as a hobby, not a business and having litters when it suits me and my dogs, not all the time.  I want to make sure that I give 100% commitment to my dogs and my puppies and that they have the best possible start in life.  For that reason I have registered with the Kennel Club as an Assured Breeder.

I have given each of the girls their own page: Sunny Luna Aura Busy, so you can find out more about them, their health tests and pedigrees, their temperaments and achievements.  The Litter pages link takes you to a blog – one for each litter.  Once the litter has arrived I post weekly Pupdates for people to follow – these are very popular!

I have created a page of testimonials to show how the pups are getting on – it’s lovely to watch their progress and we often meet up at agility shows.

I have set up a section with information & guidance to include additional information, including about Border Collies and why they are so special.  I have done some thoughts on dogs and children as this is something I care about particularly.  I have put information about being an Assured Breeder and what that means for me.  Finally, I have included the reason I chose Dentbros as my breeder affix.

If you would like to be considered for a puppy, have a look at the FAQs.  Please CONTACT ME if you would like to know more about my dogs or my puppies.  They are already highly regarded and much sought after!

Many thanks to Bridget Davey Dog Photographer for the beautiful photos of my girls – I highly recommend her, she is super talented!  Finally, if you want to know a bit more about me, go to IndePenDent Inspiration.

NB: If you ‘follow’ my page you will receive a notification of all my new posts.