Dogs ‘n’ Kids Training Classes – Survey

training classes, dogs and children

Don’t we want our dogs to work and play with our children?

For a long time now, I’ve been trying to work out how I can use the knowledge and experience I have and all the fun I have with my dogs and turn it into something useful (and profitable).  I have invested years of time and love into my dogs and they are (without being too modest) a credit to me, their training and the trainers I have worked with.

I love working with children and apart from having two of my own and plenty of nieces and nephews, I have been a school governor for 13 years, during which time I have been involved in schools in many ways.  I have most recently been going into school with Busy under the Read2Dogs scheme. Details of the scheme and the charity can be found here read2dogs and see Busy’s page for a picture of her in school.

Now I want to venture into something new: Classes for Dogs ‘n’ Kids!

My objectives for these classes will be:

  • Children having fun with their dogs
  • Children learning how to be around their dogs and to understand their dog’s behaviour
  • Improving their dog’s behaviour through a variety of positive training
  • Improving the bond between dogs and children

I am aiming to run a few classes after school, in a venue local to me. I am going to use the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme as a framework, but I want to include plenty of fun and games as well.

What do you think?  Mad idea?  Or something that could work?  I have devised a very short, simple survey to help me understand your views.  You can take the survey here: classes survey

Or you can Contact me to find out more information.


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