Warm jumpers for winter

Getting ready for colder weather

Border collies generally have long coats, with a fluffy undercoat and a silky top coat, so they should not need to have any additional clothing.  However, in my view, any dog who lives in a lovely warm, centrally heated house, is going to appreciate a little extra comfort on a chilly day.

In addition, dogs moult at different times of year and to varying degrees.  Busy has just lost all her coat having had puppies.  She has gone from this:

to this!

Another consideration is if you are taking more than one dog to training, or to a show, and they are running around for a bit, followed by a period in the car, they will definitely feel the cold.  Of course short-haired breeds definitely benefit from a bit of extra warmth.

So if it gets frosty soon, I will be popping on their Equafleece Tankies!  You can see here that they are warm and comfortable, without affecting the dogs’ movement in any way.


Calendars are available to buy for £10.60 +p&p.

Please CONTACT ME NOW if you would like to order one?  Limited stock available!


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